Automate Your Partner Payouts.

If you’re using spreadsheets to manage your payouts we REALLY understand your pain.

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Automate Partner Payouts

Remove the pain of managing multiple partners in different geos receiving different incentives with:

  • automated and transparent partner tracking and reporting
  • automated, accurate payment calculations
  • automated, timely payouts to all global partners

A Globally Recognized Leader

With over 1 billion dollars in transactions and ten plus years experience maximizing the sale of digital products, automating the calculations and payouts for all types of partnership arrangements is in our DNA.


  • 1B+

    Transactions processed through our platform

  • 300+

    Fraud rules built over time

  • 150+

    Countries and Territories Supported

We Automate Partner Payouts

Created to support channel partner management and payouts, our agile, end-to-end platform has been growing and managing multi-channel revenue streams for clients since 2007.


  • Optimize

    your partner program

  • Track & view

    partner performance in real-time

  • Set & automate

    all payouts

These brands use our platform to optimize, automate and streamline their partner programs.

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We solve all your partner payout problems. Resellers, affiliates, agencies... any partner.

We have all the functionality you need to effortlessly manage your partners’ incentives and payouts.

  • Easily set different incentives for different partners.
  • All payouts are transparently tracked and automatically calculated.
  • All payouts are made on time, every time to partners around the world.

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The PayMotion Partner Advantage

Partner Program. Streamlined

Our 10+ years in the space has taught us that the biggest challenge faced by software merchants is getting all the pieces of their partner management program and ecommerce to work together. Listening to our client's needs guided our development of a solution that:

  • manages cart localization with IP and browser preference detection
  • enables tax and remittance requirements
  • tracks and calculates global partner payout requirements transparently and in real-time
  • automates payouts to partners accurately and on time

Partner relationship management functionality is no longer a separate B2B ecommerce application category and users should include PRM functionality in B2B ecommerce assessments.

~ Gartner

Tracking and Payout Complexities. Managed

Most partner programs consist of multiple resellers receiving different incentives. For this, the biggest challenge is providing accurate tracking and timely compensation.

The ability of digital goods and services providers to leverage global resellers and partners for a small set per transaction fee drives rapid national and global expansion. Retaining your high performing partners is critical.

~ VP, Business Development

A Natural Fit

PayMotion’s turnkey partner management solution seamlessly automates transaction processing and tracking as well as the calculation and remittance of payouts to your partners based on the individual incentive structures you set.

    • Improve the ROI of your existing partnership systems
    • Remove barriers for launching a new partner program to earn more revenue
    • Manage many partners in a value chain without incurring extra management costs
    • Real-time, on-demand license key provisioning right to end user through the chain
    • Real-time, end-to-end transactional data by source enables data-driven decisions
    • Top data security and configurable user permissions ensures users see only the data that is pertinent to them
    • Your partners are paid the right amount, on time, every time

To help your business grow, you need an ecommerce platform that manages partner attribution and payments, accommodates globalization and can be integrated into CRM and other technologies.

"With help from their talented team we’ve been able to build tremendous affiliate partnerships while realizing significant year-to-year growth.”
– SafeBytes CCO

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