A "What If" Story...
for Software Merchants

Imagine a world where you could have it all, and only pay for performance…


... you could easily increase relevant traffic like the major software players with:

  • Integrations with your existing resellers or partners
  • A private reseller network - dedicated to your offers only
  • Real-time data on partner and channel performance
  • Automated and accurate payouts to all your partners
  • Enterprise-quality affiliate management

and then, WHAT IF

... you could market leading software or anti-virus companies and increase your cart conversions and AOV while decreasing costs with:

  • An integrated, localized, configurable, high-converting, mobile-optimized, fully-hosted cart
  • Fully supported upsell and cross-sell opportunities to sell more of your products
  • Real-time, on-demand automated license provisioning to end-users and resellers

finally, WHAT IF

... you could do all that with a dedicated, award-winning Client Services team laser focused on your success:

  • With over a decade of expert experience configuring high performing ecommerce solutions.
  • At no charge. Not for setup, not for ongoing support. Nada.

You Can

~ PayMotion

These brands don't need to imagine the story, they're living it. You can too.

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