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[Ecommerce News] Google Releases Mobile Holiday Shopping Trends Report

Posted by PayMotion Marketing - November 22, 2016 in , ,

With Black Friday only days away, Google has released an insightful new report highlighting some key trends that ecommerce companies will want to keep in mind leading into the busy weekend.

Mobile a Driver in Generating Foot Traffic

It’s no surprise that mobile has been gaining more traction with consumers in recent years and 2016 has been no different. Seventy-six percent of people who search for something nearby on their smartphone will visit a related business within a day.

The Early Turkey Gets the Worm

In terms of American Thanksgiving, 59% of mobile searches happen before stores open Thursday evening, with searches peaking at 8:00 pm.

thanksgivingImage Source: Think with Google

 Black Friday is a Steady One

Contrary to the perception that people are in a hurry to get their Black Friday shopping done first thing in the morning, Black Friday mobile searches remain quite steady throughout the day and hit their peak at 8:00 pm.

black fridaySource: Think with Google

Gender Differences

Women conduct mobile search (and mobile commerce) twice as much as men throughout the entire holiday season. The one exception being the week of Christmas, which has men ramping up their last-minute holiday shopping efforts.

gender differencesSource: Think with Google


For ecommerce companies who are looking for any last-minute mobile advantage to leverage over the holidays without needing to break the bank, consider activating a social media or Google AdWords campaign that aggressively targets those peak times and the hours leading up to it. Allocating more budget to target women and gradually shifting that target to focus on men in the week leading up to Christmas Day would also be prudent.

For additional information on these mobile search trends, view Think with Google’s infographic.

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