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Customers expect a fast, seamless and secure online buying experience. Your checkout is the touchpoint that will make or break a first time sale and leave a lasting impression of your business.

With worldwide cart abandonment rates averaging around 75%, the need for an optimized checkout is clear. Our 10+ years of experience partnering with businesses to configure their checkout experiences have consistently resulted in reduced abandonment rates and maximized customer and revenue growth for our clients. Partnering with us lets you:

  • Provide A Seamless Checkout

    Exceed customer expectations with a checkout designed for your business and your customers. Start with one of our cart templates, customize your own fully-hosted checkout pages or make use of our payment API to code your own. Our expert team is available to guide you through how to best set up your checkout to provide an optimized experience.

  • Offer Localized Payment Options

    Our platform cart automatically detects the location and browser preferences of international customers and displays your cart in their local language, currency and relevant payment methods available to their geo. Here's more information on localizing your cart for global payment processing.

  • Foster Trust

    Concerns about payment security remain a significant reason for cart abandonment, with 18% failing to complete a purchase because they didn’t trust a site with their credit card information. With PayMotion’s PCI-DSS level 1 certified solution, you can assure your customers that their payment information will be kept secure. To further protect you from fraudulent transactions and costly chargebacks, we have integrated fraud analysis and mitigation functionality built into our service.

  • Improve Your Strategy with Real-Time Data

    Access the real-time data you need to see which parts of your strategy work and which don’t. Effective data driven decision making requires immediate access to this vital information and PayMotion has the real time reports and dashboards you need.

    With all of the reports available you can query by facets such as product, date range, region and transaction type. You can extend your reporting options by using API integrations available through our platform, and you can also get subscription reports for renewal activity, MRR, term waterfall and cohort analysis to monitor the health of your subscription business. Data can also be exported in CSV format.

  • Give Your KPI’s A Booster Shot

    Increase average order value and revenue by adding cross-sells, special offers and coupons to your purchase path through our stable, scalable, agile self-service platform.

  • Streamline With Your Other Systems

    Ecommerce represents the most important conversion you track - with our RESTful API you can leverage this critical data by making it accessible to vital systems in your technology stack, both your applications and services and those of third parties.

    Our client services team will work with you to facilitate the integration you need quickly and seamlessly.

  • Maximize Your Results With Testing

    For top results, you need to continually test what messaging and layout appeals most to your customers. PayMotion enables you to customize your cart pages and enables split testing so that you can determine, with confidence, which checkout version performs best.

  • Build Your Business

    PayMotion provides your business with a customer checkout experience that is as fast and frictionless as possible so that you can focus on what you do best.

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